Aaron Gunderson

Tiny digital sketch of the mini garden.

Photos from my dusk run tonight.

Thinking about bike shares and what a community cooperative of bike shares and storage might look like. In the city there isn’t really space for most people to have multiple bikes but being able to check out a cargo bike or a mountain bike would be sweet.

Picked up some Ortlieb Panniers off of Craiglist today. Super excited for the large volume for bigger errands and maybe bike-packing. 🚲

I bought a manual drill

Christmas breakfast!

What kind of down time projects are people up to? I’ve got until January and am planning on doing some kitchen projects and maybe a time lapse photo plant setup.

Decriminalizing jaywalking www.virginiamercury.com/2020/12/2…

Photos from today’s bike ride.

Normalize biking in the snow


Anyone else struggle using Plasma window manager? The key bindings and window controls just always confuse and feel complicated. Gnome isn’t perfect but always feels more intuitive.

Strava is my favorite social media, just a bunch of dorks saying nice work over and over again. Very little fomo or anxiety. Just friendly peer pressure to make some moves.

Advent of Code time of year again. Last year was learning elixir. This year I’m doing elixir again to test the chops. Dm me if you want in on a low key private leaderboard that will putter out because work happens.


Thanksgiving Kombucha! Cranberry-apple with cloves, cinnamon and ginger.

Twitter is arguing over a FedEx in a bike lane. Personal I’m pro biking for transport. If you want someone to help you get comfortable on the streets with a bike in Cambridge, hit me up. I’ll help you find a route or learn how to navigate traffic and the like.

Finally wrote up some impressions on the reMarkable 2 tablet. Summary love the hardware but the software has room to improve.


What git release/branch management style do people like? Especially for handling long lived stable deployments.

Latest kombucha experiment was a success. Cranberry apple kombucha ✅

Sneaky sneaky. What kind of slimy deal is this @verizon.

That sweet deal of paying $20 to get a $30 discount.

Some light pre-election reading.

Happy to have deleted my facebook many years ago now but the rot is real. How do we rescue the people left in the Facebook echo chamber? Is it too late?

Stress baking and making apple ginger kombucha.

One factor convincing me to get the reMarkable was their reputation of developer access to the host. Version 2 wasn’t advertising it on the site but it gives you the root password and SSH, a promising start :)