Aaron Gunderson

Morning office. Nice day to be outside, just a little bright.

Cutie Newfoundland puppy.

Cats everywhere.

Hanging time

Unemployed Fishing

While waiting for Avengers: Endgame to leave the box office so I can watch it what other Marvel movies should I watch. Seen most of them but any good ones to review?

Good Old RPI desecrating churches.. America’s Epidemic of Empty Churches - The Atlantic - Pocket getpocket.com/explore/i…

I’m ready for the bus ride!

Who are all the people walking on bike paths with noise canceling headphones? Can you hear bikers announcing passing?

Getting this bad boy ready to list on craigslist. He’s been a workhorse the 5 years I’ve had him.

Homemade beignets!

Got out on my new (to me) bike yesterday!

An Ode to Running in the City - Outside - Pocket getpocket.com/explore/i…

Stem Cider - Denver Colorado

My little brother is a college graduate. Congrats 🎊

Close Loops & Opening Minds: How to Take Control of Systems, Big & Small www.youtube.com/watch

Italian lunch in Nara with local Nara vegetables. Yes I know I shouldn’t be getting pizza but oh well.

Best coffee I’ve had in Japan so far.

It’s not the greatest, it’s the …

The locals are friendly here.

Why did the deer cross the road?

Nara park


Not pictured, me really wishing I could just sleep.

Sustenance superior to airplane food: Teppanyaki grilled pork and rice.

The start of the golden hour.