Aaron Gunderson

Hammock life

Trail running doggo 🐢

The view and the ride. Today kicked my butt and Robert had to tap out with a it band injury.

Pavement ends.

Starting the Green Mountain Gravel Growler today and so far it’s awesome.

Pitch: Halloween bike ride, we dress up, decorate our bikes and cruise around town making some new friends.

Ranger says Fridays are for no work, just play.

Happy fall πŸŽƒ

Ranger decided to make himself comfy. We try to only let him on the couch when invited.

Night cruise with the doggo 🚴 πŸ•

Too many hobbies and interests, not enough time.

Fungi from the ride today.

What software do people use for cad on Linux?

Proprietary right now but exciting for me, I hooked up our Elixir ROS library to LiveDashboard #myelixirstatus

🎡 listening to the new Public Service Broadcasting album: Bright Magic

🌱 late summer/early fall harvest. Salvaging what I can of the tomatoes, 3 potatoes πŸ˜…, peppers, and a fair amount of beans!

I biked from Portland, Maine to Somerville, MA. Mostly following the East Coast Greenway over two days and ~170 miles total. I am tired but feeling pretty accomplished. strava.app.link/DpgD7jptE… strava.app.link/8oXuJtrtE…

🚲 πŸš†

Excited for my first train ride in a long time.

Breakfast of champions. Hbd to me.

Finalizing the bike configuration for my first overnight bike trip coming up this week 🚲

Good morning 🌞

Somerville is hardcore.


Not sure if this abandoned old bike is worth fixing but it might make for a nice around town ride 🚲