Aaron Gunderson

Saturday bike ride outtakes. Getting stronger and more confident. 🚵‍♂️

Boston from Deer Island.


New place is rocking. We got strawberries.

New typo dropped: $ git stash lit


I forgot how much fun mountain biking is.

Backyard rest and relaxation with a rough attempt of a mint julep.

Post rain ride 49 mile ride!

Beautiful 67 degree day, nice time to 🚲

I’ve been playing Stardew Valley a bunch lately and now I’m inspired to be growing and making a ton more items but real life is a bit harder than in the game…

Pfizer vaccine explanation for the software people. berthub.eu/articles/…

Update on the fiddlehead ferns: turned out yummy! Boiled and then sautéed with butter, evoo, garlic, salt and pepper and then fresh lemon on top.

I’ve acquired fiddlehead ferns, first time preparing or trying these. How should we eat them?

Made a batch of kombucha with Lapsang souchong, a smoky black tea and it’s a bit too smokey.. we’ll see how the second ferment tastes but not encouraging it unless you dig smokey kombucha.

Solar power is live

Snagged this cool @thec4labs raspberry pi zero case with a breadboard attached. Excited to use it for a #nerves project.

In ten years it will be easier to watch media and play games from pre 2010 than it will from anything in the past decade. Games, streaming services, internet paywalls and mobile apps are obscuring media.

Womp womp womp @somerbikesafety

Did the final clean and move out of my old place and made a jank bike trailer load. Kinda proud of it though.

The Basecamp blog boat has been contentious. One specific aspect that’s related but they seemed to be centralizing power in an authoritarian way. Curious what alternative corporate structures people like for small - medium sized private companies.

When will electric cargo vans hit the market? I think a Nissan Leaf -> compact cargo van is a logical transition.

At the stage of organizing where everything is worse than it started.

Anyone have leads on where to get nice looking mini drawers for holding components and cables and such? Thinking similar either metal or wood like these over priced Etsy drawers but bigger. Would rather get used if possible.

Building a project table, more organizing of the apartment and office, and some planting transplanting around the house this weekend.