Aaron Gunderson

Quick camping and biking trip in New Hampshire. Pushed the capabilities of commuter tires on loose gravel and sand.

Spot me in the news deliverying food for local residents in Cambridge! www.cambridgeday.com/2020/09/0…

Interesting post on paid apps: ia.net/topics/su…

I really believe in paying for software and wish other Linux users felt the same way. Software is expensive and we need to sustainably fund development.

Vote by bike 🗳

Post work bike ride to Deer Island. Got me beat.

Re-learning how to type on this and it’s stressful.

Anyone I know use the Gopher protocol? It appeals to me as a more structured, less cluttered and slimmer web.

Largest harvest yet!

Finding myself increasingly jaded. There are a million problems we need to tackle and corporations and people with money and power are in all out assault mode undermining or ignoring for personal gain.

Let the record show I really dislike Jira.

I’m bad to my white shoes.

Trail run last night, sore today.

Saturday adventures testing out the new bike trailer at Trader Joe’s

More photos from the ride!

Black Lives Matter bike ride in Boston. #blacklivesmatter

Taking advantage of Cambridge taking some streets back from cars. Pedestrians and bikes rule.

Check out what’s being proposed and let Cambridge government know that this will be appreciated! www.cambridgebikesafety.org/2020-cycl…

Now is the time to for affirm #BlackLivesMatter and force the police to be held accountable for their actions. Protect and serve can not have qualifiers.

Thought provoking read on private land and neighobrly connections. www.outsideonline.com/2411222/p…

Three day weekend means three day’s of local adventures. Biked and hiked our way through the weekend while staying local to Boston!

Cloud native is such a meaningless descriptor. Can serverless and cloud native terms can be retired from our discussions and blog posts?

Anyone have remote pair programming recommendations? I’ve used Floobits back in the day but haven’t used anything recently at all.

Weekend project: convert to Nix for package management and then upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 on the work laptop. This might be ambitious.

Nice long (for me) bike ride today. Lucky to be healthy and employed. I’m raising money for the Greater Boston Food Bank! They could use your help. Consider donating if you can. https://my.gbfb.org/agundy

My coworker keeps licking my chin.