Aaron Gunderson

Curbside furniture pickup by bike

Monkeying around 🐒

Friday ball time comes earlier right? 🎾

I’m taking a week off between jobs and what do I do with my first day off? Brain wakes me up at 5 am for no good reason.

It’s an infrastructure failure that Boston to Philadelphia costs more money to take the train that it does to fly.

What are we using on macOS these days? Homebrew, Mac ports, nix, something else?

I upgraded to a nice standing desk 2 months ago and I’m not sure how I survived this long without it working from home. Only complaint is my monitors wobble a bit more but i need to figure out how to tighten the stand a bit.

Making a first attempt at a Cassoulet. This is so meat heavy peasant food.

dutch oven on electic cooktop with parsley, carrots and white besns visible.lightly browned sausage and chicken in a metal bowl

Early spring seedling’s experiment is going pretty well! Tomatoes, some herbs, peppers, kale, leeks and beets are all showing growth.

kale seedlings looking a little stringy under a grow lightmiscellaneous seedlings in a traymore seedlings in a tray! leeks and beets in an open dirt take out container

Is Amazon desperate for engineers? it seems like their recruiters don’t coordinate either because I seem to get a lot despite noting a disinterest.

Car brain rots us. Why are we listening to people who drive over 50 miles a day complain? Why do we set policy from opinions of people who choose to drive inefficient vehicles and live unreasonable distances from where they work or live?

Seed starting for the spring. The vegetables are definitely not cheaper than the farmers market at this rate.

Now those are some bubbles. Homemade apple, pomegranate and cinnamon kombucha.

Excited to see my first Elixir lang contribution make it’s way to my dev env. A minor quality of life change but in 1.13 code coverage fails on thresholds and I updated it to print out the percentages on failure. #MyElixirStatus

Warm weather bike ride with Ranger.

I made my first Clojurescript app :D agundy.gitlab.io/gas-viz/

What’s that state of clojure and clojurescript these days? I haven’t heard or seen much but might not be in the right circles. Still productive and in use?

How much bandwidth on the internet is developers and CI redownloading the same docker images, apt packages, python, js, etc?

People are talking about lifting the gas tax. We shouldn’t be making it cheaper to have car dependence. A better idea is to replace it with a carbon * weight * miles driven tax to better match the true cost of driving on infrastructure and planet.

The Suburbs Are Bleeding America Dry | Climate Town (feat. Not Just Bikes) youtu.be/SfsCniN7N…

Cheddar jalapeño and bacon bread in the works. Here’s a photo of the dough.

Shortbread cookies. Nom nom.

Okay this was share worthy.

Wordle 228 2/6

🟨🟨⬜⬜🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Got in some snow MTB fun before it got too deep.

Today I learned that cron silently ignores any scripts that contain a ., i.e. /etc/cron.daily/script.sh will never run.