Aaron Gunderson

🌱 late summer/early fall harvest. Salvaging what I can of the tomatoes, 3 potatoes 😅, peppers, and a fair amount of beans!

I biked from Portland, Maine to Somerville, MA. Mostly following the East Coast Greenway over two days and ~170 miles total. I am tired but feeling pretty accomplished. strava.app.link/DpgD7jptE… strava.app.link/8oXuJtrtE…

🚲 🚆

Excited for my first train ride in a long time.

Breakfast of champions. Hbd to me.

Finalizing the bike configuration for my first overnight bike trip coming up this week 🚲

Good morning 🌞

Somerville is hardcore.


Not sure if this abandoned old bike is worth fixing but it might make for a nice around town ride 🚲

Peppericinis, mint, sage and cherry tomatoes from the garden today 🌱

Ranger has his own chariot now. 🚲 🐕

If someone sends you a YouTube link and you click on it to see what it is on mobile, instead of seeing what you were given you are thrust into a full screen ad with audio and have to fight to pause 🤬

Found me a Bash book from 1996 on the curb.

You’ve heard of parking minimums, let me introduce you to bike parking minimums. Same thing but for bikes.

Anyone want to take bets on how long these corner flexposts last?

Charging up for the weekend. 🐕

Tomatoes are coming in strong.

Fun garden insect the tomato hornworm

Grafana is just needlessly confusing some times.. the UX for saving dashboards, setting the default dashboard and configuring a dashboard is just confusing.

🌱 🌶 🍅 🍆

Cucumber oopsy

Albino cucumber

Newly discovered bike frame bag use.

POV your man just picked up a box of fresh CSA veggies and is on his way to you.