Aaron Gunderson

Oh no follow up kale post. The big ones we left outside have been eaten 😭

Bike kale cup

Forgot to take action shots but super excited for the results of a recent Craigslist foray, a road bike, Mr. Pink.

Bike zooms with the @BurleyDesign trailer. Been doing a few moving loads via bike.

Sending love and support on Trans Day of Visibility! #TDOV

Bike trailer planting haul 🌱

First plant in the new place.

Spring seedling update from earlier this week. 🌱

Been able to take a step back from feature releases and make incremental improvements and unblock some long term work the last few weeks. Feels good.

Weather hit 60 degrees so Michelle and I went for a nice 13 mile bike ride.

Spinach seedlings 🌱 need more space.

Our robot friend has moved. We have an elf on the shelf style game going on at work with this fun Deutschland Android.

Little purple air plant flowering.

1lb mushroom harvest this morning 🧑‍🍳

Nothing to be proud of but I’m playing with building a Gemini client in Elixir here: gitlab.com/agundy/ge… Eventually hope to have a nice little TUI built using Ratatouille

Shipped a few minor improvements to www.agundy.com mostly for a better mobile experience without nav taking up the whole page and half as many Aaron Gunderson’s on the index page.

How are you staying connected to your team? Remote work bonding has been low lately.

We need more VPS offerings that support ARM, I’m sad that AWS is the only real one right now. Wish someone like @linode or @digitalocean offered them.

Officially moving to a new place. Super excited for more space and in house washing and drying! Now to stress about the move though.

News of a data center burning down is a nice reminder to check your backups.

Setting up an Elixir project with Gitlab CI #myElixirStatus www.agundy.com/2021/03/1…

Pickled radish!

Get you a beauty like these.

Added two new books to the bookshelf today.

Playing with some Rust package that require compilation on underpowered hardware and I all I can say is there seems to be a lot of packages and slow compilation going on.