Aaron Gunderson

Added two new books to the bookshelf today.

Playing with some Rust package that require compilation on underpowered hardware and I all I can say is there seems to be a lot of packages and slow compilation going on.

Final product.

One of today’s projects

Yesterday I biked to the trailhead for a winter snowy run, would recommend.

Some of the original spinach seedlings seemed to have found their moment.


I thought the UI visualization for the lander flow today was really cool.

Congrats to all in the Perserverence landing! Today my brother called asking about why a key on his keyboard didn’t work in Windows, after a restart it worked. Amazing what computers can and can’t do.

Getting the Whereby ready for a Skylla rover landing watch party.

I’ve been running and exercising harder again and I’m hitting the point where it feels good and I crave it. Post work I felt motivated to go run despite the weather. Feels good.

Community resiliency relies on competent leadership and devoted resources. America’s rugged individualist approach can’t fix the problems coming from climate change. Mass immigration, natural disasters, and food supply issues are all coming for the US. Are you helping?

Do people still run Arch, why? I’ve got the Pinebook Pro’s stock Manjaro and I don’t like it. I’m over hear reading docs on upgrading Postgres installs because an update bumped me from 12 to 13. I don’t enjoy living on the edge this much.

Desk incremental upgrades, replaced the wobbly ikea legs with a set of drawers and sturdier legs and switched the monitors and rerouted the cables.

Snowy romp from Kendall through Harvard and back home via Union Square. 6 miles and enjoyed it.

Beet, carrot, red cabbage sauerkraut!

Yesterday i picked up Union Square donuts and met the cutest pup named Toast.

Cold day for bike food pantry delivery but we still made it! Cambridge has some kick ass citizens. #bikecambridge

Power is back after 4 and a half hours. Woot not too bad.

Power outage means no more work for the day right?

Fun item from the root CSA: Chioggia beets!

So cool! Modern Retro Computer Terminals: uri.cat/projects/…

Best homemade hard cider flavor and carbonation yet.

Anyone I know looking for a job working with Elixir and JavaScript building the application lay for a small robot navigation startup? Preferably Boston based!

Do laptop stickers get oriented so that they are in the correct viewing position when lid closed on a desk in front of you or so that an open laptop on a table is correct?