Aaron Gunderson

Stem Cider - Denver Colorado

My little brother is a college graduate. Congrats 🎊

Close Loops & Opening Minds: How to Take Control of Systems, Big & Small www.youtube.com/watch

Italian lunch in Nara with local Nara vegetables. Yes I know I shouldn’t be getting pizza but oh well.

Best coffee I’ve had in Japan so far.

It’s not the greatest, it’s the …

The locals are friendly here.

Why did the deer cross the road?

Nara park


Not pictured, me really wishing I could just sleep.

Sustenance superior to airplane food: Teppanyaki grilled pork and rice.

The start of the golden hour.


Sugar time. My body is crashing and we have 5 more hours of traveling and waiting before the hotel.


Classic Canadian lunch? Not today.

hums bohemian rhapsody Is this first class or is this just emergency (row)?

Boarding time eh?

What shoes do people bring for business trips? I have two, a pair of no frills looking trail runners for casual and brown leather Oxfords for dress.

The trip begins.

A friends sweet new ride. Very fun.

Whoa nice job Cambridge! Excited to see the effects of this. Lanes have slowly been added over the last few years. Good to keep it progressing www.citylab.com/transport…

ROS dependency management and package versioning is a mess.

Good post: Learning to build distributed systems. A nice overview and a reminder that like all learning it doesn’t happen overnight.

Current status: spring cleaning, software gardener edition

weeding code, planting CI seeds, encouraging project best practices

Spring bike tune up and ride day.