Aaron Gunderson

Did a fun 6 mile run in the snow and ice strava.app.link/xF9klfSbE…

Shout to my girlfriend for making yummy hoddeok, a Korean doughy pancake stuffed with pecans and sugar 😋


Saturday morning vibes

Very interesting security read from Hacker news blog.haschek.at/2018/the-…

New Run Route Alt title: Aaron discovers trails, tries to keep pace with cars on interstate, then loses path on way back.

Dang, that’s a pretty desktop case. system76.com/desktops

2019 Linux: Plugs in monitor and menu scale is 200% but screen scale is normal, DAC is plugged in and selected and can hear volume up/down sounds but no programs can play sound. Closing the lid doesn’t lock the computer right.

Has anyone else’s Spotify gotten terribly slow? It’s unusable at times for me on iPhone 7. Search just hangs, opening an album never completes, a playlist doesn’t load, etc.

Todays end of day developer status: 30 terminals open. Need to practice the reduce, reuse, and recycle workflow.

I need to explore running options around my new work. I’ve effectively done two routes so far every time. Miss running along the Charles

Posted my 2018 review blog post finally: 2018 In Review

What will the next generation of social media-savvy politicians look like?

And with the new pricing model: New Year, New Github the easiest way to get rid of it might be cancelling the paid account.

The new @Github Pro label also doesn’t look good on the profile page and I can’t find a disable option.

I really don’t like this new gaudy Pro label on @Github

Canceled my amazon prime account and it feels good. Saving $120 and Also reduce the temptations to buy things I don’t need.

My weekend project. A home server. 🤓

Nice work @CambMa www.eff.org/deeplinks…

📚 Antifragile Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Antifragile summary: There are not just two states fragile and robust, there is a third one, antifragile. Robust things do not break like a fragile thing will but robust things don’t get stronger with time or random events. Antifragile systems do; they limit the exposure to downside and expose themselves to the upside if things go well. I found this book really engaging, novel and thought provoking. I would love to reread this and discuss with someone.

A cold and rainy afternoon run https://www.strava.com/activities/2040757170/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1546032841

Confused why my rospy sleep is just hanging

I’m in the top 5% of readers on @Pocket for 2018! Here’s how much I read this year: getpocket.com/stats/201… #MyYearInPocket

Nice. threatpost.com/amazon-17…

I recently got a @lenovo Thinkpad P1 and it’s awesome except it came with a broken delete key. Super tiny plastic holder is broken and they can only ship me a box where they will fix it within 7 days.

Read this article from The New York Times: Your Apps Know Where You’ve Been, and Can’t Keep a Secret blendle.com/i/the-new…